Our Website Features

It is our goal to provide you with an affordable website design that is full of useful features. We provide the standard website features that you would expect and we provide website features that you may not expect to be included in our standard price. Not only do we strive to provide the best possible customer service, but we also provide every feature for the best possible price. We are a website company that provides the extraordinary features and service.

Ease of Use

To change out an image on a page of your website or blog design, you will not need to call us for help. WordPress is as easy to use as Microsoft Word. If you can edit an Word Document, then you can edit on WordPress.

Responsive Design

We build all of our websites to be mobile responsive. It is crucial to your websites success that it format appropriately on a mobile device. When we are finished with your website it will format well for all of the common mobile devices and people will not have to pinch and zoom to read your content.

SEO Design

Our team SEOs all of your pages, not just the front page. A lot of web companies either do not SEO your pages or only SEOs the front page. SEOing all of your pages is something that we do right from the start. This service includes:

  • Image alt tags
  • Image title tags
  • Page meta description
  • Meta title
  • Page meta keywords
  • Image Name

SEO Friendly Design

Our themes are developed with SEO tools built right in. For example, there will be a place for all of your meta data built right in.

Pages / Posts: When you create a new page or a new blog you will find a location for your Custom Title Tag, Meta Description and Meta Keywords.

404 Page: You will be able to easily define your 404 page. This is accomplished by either specifying one of your current pages or creating a new one to suit your needs. This allows the opportunity to be really creative with your 404 design.

Analytics: Thesis Theme makes setting up your Google Analytics quick, easy and painless. If you give us permission we will set up your Google Analytics and your Google Webmaster Tools account on your behalf.

Custom Design Work

Once we get the layout of your site to fit your needs we will start customizing the look and feel even further. Your website will be uniquely yours. Custom design work may include custom Photoshop work and/or custom coding. Our goal is to make your websites uniquely yours.

SEO Plugins

One of the reasons that we use WordPress is because there are nearly 28,000 different kinds of plug-ins that we can use on your new website. We have some standard plug-ins that we use on just about every single website and they are listed below. As you can see from this page we think of SEO for your website every single step of the way.


Our SEO set up for you does not end with the theme and skin. We also install and setup the right plug-ins for you. For example we may decide to take the SEO on step further and install the Yoast Plugin.

Google Analytics

Once the theme has Google talking to your website we will install one more plug in called Google Analyticator. This will show you your latest analytics right in your dashboard.

HTML Site Map

Creating a site map by hand is tedious and time consuming. With this plugin, it will be automatically generated on your behalf. The process helps Google and other search engines add you to crawlers.

Google XML Sitemaps

For your google webmaster tools and your Google analytics to work properly you will need to generate an xml sitemap. This can be a difficult process but with this plugin it is created quickly.

More SEO Plugins

Backup Setup

Sometimes things just go wrong online and things crash and they just flat out break. We will install and set up a backup plug in so if that happens it will be easier for you to have the site restored.

Social Plug-ins

Websites today are just part of the social world and we install the right social plug ins for your website. We will make sure that your social media links are easy to find and working. Social sharing plug-ins will be added as well.

Custom Footers

You will be able to customize your website footers. This means that if you want ads at the bottom or just links to other websites that you recommend, you can do it. For the launch of the website we will work with you to decide what works best to get your started.


You are not alone and we will consult with you to get your website built and launched. With each website package we provide an hour of our time that can be used to discuss anything ranging from the right titles for you to where to find the best images.

Web Design Company

Our team of designers are passionate about website design. It is our goal to always provide you with the most affordable website design package that best suits your need. As a team we will be as excited about your new website as you are. For us customer service is not just about picking up the phone; it is also about caring about your issues as much as you do. Visit us, call us, email us or fill out this form.