5 Things You Need to Know for an Effective SEO Strategy by Michael Kelly

Having a SEO strategy is a must nowadays, when people are looking for products and services online. Developing your effective SEO strategy is not easy, because the online medium is always changing and reinventing itself. But with a strong set of rules in mind, you can make your own highly effective SEO strategy.

Why I No Longer Check Email on my Phone http://dfwwebsitedesigners.com

This past month, I’ve been working on spam filters for my clients as well as for my business. In that time, I have accidentally turned off email on my iPhone. I didn’t think I checked emails THAT often. But it took me three days to stop constantly looking for it and get over it is missing from the phone.

The Benefits of Guest Blogging and Backlinking - https://dfwwebsitedesigners.com/

You’re probably heard lots of discussions that backlinks will help with your SEO. That is very true but what exactly does that mean? Does guest blogging help with that? Whether you have a blog or website, the idea of guest posting on another blog or website with a link back to your website is a way to create more links which help improve your SEO.

Trap-Spam http://dfwwebsitedesigners.com

As a 10 years as a web developer, one of the most difficult tasks I’ve seen my clients deal with is the issue of email spam. Spam emails are those annoying unsolicited messages you receive daily from all corners of the globe. Most are from senders who don’t know you who are trying to sell you Viagra or getting you to claim an inheritance from some royalty in South America or are fishing to trick you into providing your personal information.

voice blogging http://dfwwebsitedesigners.com

Small business friends and clients, today I want to talk about a new product I’ve stumbled across that will help you with your blogging. The website is called SpeechTexter. What it does is it uses a component of Google Chrome, to allow you to type into a program like a notepad that transcribes what you say as you talk.

DFW Weekly SEO Package http://DFWWebsiteDesigners.com

Small business friends, you need to have great SEO for your website. So outside of hiring an SEO specialist what can you do to improve SEO? Here are my 10 quick and simple tips you can do to improve SEO.

What's a Landing Page & Do I Need One? https://DFWWebsiteDesigners.com

When I started the web design business 10 years ago, the hardest discussion I had to convince clients to do was to buy a website. Three years ago, the biggest issue was to consider a redesign for mobile responsive. So what do you imagine is the answer to that question in 2019?
It’s time to consider an additional business landing page.

Website Images Load Speed - https://DFWWebsiteDesigners.com

One of the biggest important things for Google rankings among many things is a website speed. While it is true that no one really knows how Google decides to rank an article they do give us hints and they give them quite often. One of the things that they have told us flat-out is very important to them is website page load time. They even provided us with a free tool that helps us analyze our site.

Time to Consider Virtual Assistants https://DFWWebsiteDesigners.com

My profit in my website business has doubled since last year. I wish I could tell you that the difference was I improved my marketing, referral business, and found the secret to Google Ads. I have done some of that. But the real biggest improvement I have changed is… I started hiring virtual assistants.

Business Podcasting https://DFWWebsiteDesigners.com

For the past 18 months I have stopped listening to the radio and have logged 500 business podcast hours in my car. Counting classroom and study time, that is the equivilant of a 4 year college degree, just by replacing time you already spend in your vehicle. As a business person, how can you afford to miss this educational opportunity. So where do you start? I’m so glad you asked…