Websites Setting Students Up for Success by Jackie Edwards

The high cost of tuition, especially on a tertiary level, can be a daunting prospect to those looking to further their studies. Even those who look to community college still have to pay a substantial amount. A course can go up to $6,500 which is still a high figure for those who simply don’t have the money. Although odd jobs here and there can cover some of the costs, students are looking at different ways to cover their tuition fees.

The Bitcoin Craze by Jackie Edwards

No matter where you get your news, chances are that you’ve heard the term “Bitcoin” thrown around in recent years. Prices have climbed steadily, reaching over $11,000 by early 2018 and expected to hit almost $30,000 by the end of the year. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin pose an exciting new way to make money online, either by mining coins or by creating an Initial Coin Offering, also known as an ICO. An ICO startup can be a lucrative endeavor for any online entrepreneur, but the success of any ICO campaign hinges largely on the success of its branding.

Essential to Design with the Customer in Mind

n our technology-driven world, digital marketing is quickly becoming the crux of every business. In order to attract new customers and improve the conversion rate of leads, it is essential that businesses have a user-friendly, interactive and engaging
website that speaks to the company’s brand.

Web Design for Color Blindness

When we think of web design, it is rare to consider users that have color blindness, or color vision deficiency (CVD); however, this condition is incredibly common and can really alter how a website is perceived. CVD affects 1 in 12 men in the USA and approximately 1 in 200 women.

Using Animation in Web Design by

Have you thought about using animation on your website? Even if the answer to that question is yes, you may have reservations. What about the impact on site loading time – isn’t that a key point for SEO web design? Won’t animation just be a distraction from the main message of my website?

Privacy at Risk: The Hidden Dangers of Google File Sharing

Google File Sharing, Oops! The file you are sharing is not encrypted! In storing files online, people nowadays rely much on cloud storages because aside from the convenience, storage sites now offer a bigger space per user. But have you ever bothered to ask yourself how secure is it to upload your files to these sites?

These days, everyone seems to be talking about conversion rates. And no wonder – in today’s increasingly crowded and competitive online marketplace, just a small increase in conversions can have a big impact on your business’s overall profitability.

Like your business vehicles, your site is a huge part of your business image. Of course you want your site known across your industry. Thus redesigning your site could be a sales growth opportunity for your organization. That said, “How exactly do we do that?” Well it’s time to study the hidden truth on website redesign.

In finding a great web company, it is necessary to get those who are experienced in website designing. Employing the right website redesign team is definitely the first step. Although anyone can redesign your site, not all web design companies specialize in doing so. It’s important to ensure that you employ the best people to completely change your website.

At DFW Website Designers we have the privilege of designing great websites. This week, I want to highlight a giant eCommerce website that went live, and three WordPress plugins that really MADE a difference.