What's a Landing Page & Do I Need One? https://DFWWebsiteDesigners.com

When I started the web design business 10 years ago, the hardest discussion I had to convince clients to do was to buy a website. Three years ago, the biggest issue was to consider a redesign for mobile responsive. So what do you imagine is the answer to that question in 2019?
It’s time to consider an additional business landing page.

Website Images Load Speed - https://DFWWebsiteDesigners.com

One of the biggest important things for Google rankings among many things is a website speed. While it is true that no one really knows how Google decides to rank an article they do give us hints and they give them quite often. One of the things that they have told us flat-out is very important to them is website page load time. They even provided us with a free tool that helps us analyze our site.

Time to Consider Virtual Assistants https://DFWWebsiteDesigners.com

My profit in my website business has doubled since last year. I wish I could tell you that the difference was I improved my marketing, referral business, and found the secret to Google Ads. I have done some of that. But the real biggest improvement I have changed is… I started hiring virtual assistants.

Business Podcasting https://DFWWebsiteDesigners.com

For the past 18 months I have stopped listening to the radio and have logged 500 business podcast hours in my car. Counting classroom and study time, that is the equivilant of a 4 year college degree, just by replacing time you already spend in your vehicle. As a business person, how can you afford to miss this educational opportunity. So where do you start? I’m so glad you asked…

60 Stats and Trends that Will Define the Future of ECommerce https://DFWWebsiteDesigners.com

With more and more of our clients starting or adding eCommerce to their websites, I thought I would share Laurice Wardini’s great article and infographic from Subscriptionly.net on the 60 Stats & Trends that Will Define the Future of eCommerce. Enjoy!

Double Your Business in 35 Days https://DFWWebsiteDesigners.com

Last month we focused on 2X Your Business in 35 Days with an aggressive online marketing campaign. We didn’t quite double our business during those 35 days, but we did achieve a 44% growth over July and we sketched out a marketing plan that is starting to work.

Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Be on Facebook https://DFWWebsiteDesigners.com

When I was a kid I watched my parents flipped pages through the phonebook to find a plumber. Because everybody and anybody advertised there. As a 48 years old businessman, I would probably “Google” one on my iPhone (of course you should have a website that’s mobile responsive).

Double Your Business in 35 Days https://DFWWebsiteDesigners.com

For 2018, I have done ok running a solopreneur web design business, but I really have not taken it to the next level. There are lots of reasons for this, which I will address in the video below. Perhaps the most important is I have not aggressively focused on an online marketing campaign. The time is now, and I am ready to double my business (double your business). So here is my plan on “How to Double Your Business in 35 Days”. Feel free to cheer, copy this model for yourself or offer any suggestions.

Afraid of eMail Marketing https://DFWWebsiteDesigners.com

Growing an email list doesn’t have to be overly complicated. I get it. It is a frightening proposition at first. Too many business owners it sounds, and as a result, they back burner the project. Today this post will take the fear of list building. To build a list effectively, you need just a few tools: A Website, an email marketing tool, and an email sign up form.

Affiliate Marketing - https://DFWWebsiteDesigners.com

There’s nothing better than making money while you sleep and with affiliate marketing, you could make hundreds, if not thousands. The affiliate marketing industry is forecast to hit $6.8 billion by 2020, so if you’re looking to make some cash from your website, now is the time to seriously consider working with big brands and businesses. To maximize your earnings, your website design needs to draw people in and capture their attention with well-placed advertisements, links, and a unique design.