Fort Worth Web Design

If you are looking for a website we are here to serve. We are just a few local geeks who happen to love building website and love internet marketing. While it is true that we are located in the heart of the DFW Metroplex we do and have built websites for people and companies all over the nation. It just so happens that we are local Texans who love Ft Worth.

Responsive Design

Fort Worth Web Design - Responsive DesignWhile we can handle just about anything in regards to your digital marketing needs our main website package includes a website built on the best CMS that we are aware of (WordPress) and an SEO Friendly theme. We are now at a place where we try and make all of our websites mobile responsive, which means that they look good on tablets, iPads, and a mobile phones. Basically ANY mobile devices.

Unlimited Pages – Fort Worth Web Design

Fort Worth Web Design - Unlimited PagesOur basic website package includes as many pages as you want. Since we are an hourly model you could start with three pages or have us design hundreds. Essentially, designed pages mean that we will actually do the fancy efforts to get the more difficult pages looking like you need them. This could include anything from a custom HTML table to adding in a photo gallery for you. Once we get these first pages done for you we will hand over the reigns to you and your team to take over from there. If you feel as though you need additional help beyond that point we can always provide a quote on an as-needed basis.

Contact Form

Fort Worth Web Design - Contact FormOur website design does come with a standard contact form like the one that you will see below. If you feel as though you need something more advanced we can provide you with an additional quote for that as well. The standard form will work for most people just as it works for us but sometimes companies such as insurance companies need something a bit more advanced and we can do that for you too.

Social Media Ready

Fort Worth Web Design - Social Media Ready

Social Media is at the core of all that we do; our parent company was FunCitySocialMedia. As a result, we could not possibly build a website that is not Social Media Ready. We will install the latest social plugins and connect your website with your existing social media. By the way, if your company does not have social media just let us know and we can help you with that as well.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you with your website design needs. Visit, call, email, or fill out this form.

Header image courtesy of Mark Fisher.