Trinity Trojans


We were approached by the leaders of the Trinity Trojans football team to redesign their website. Some of their pain points were:

  • The site was not mobile responsive, and a majority of visitors were reaching out from their mobile devices.

The majority of their website viewers look at their website on mobile phones while at the football games.

  • They could not easily update their website.

The website was previously built in HTML and that made it difficult for anyone to update the website.

  • They had high renewal fees with their web developer.

Our Solutions that we brought to the project:

By giving the client control. When we were brought into the project we immediately started working with their web developer to help the team gain control of their website. Once we finished building their website we helped them find more affordable hosting options and most importantly, their website is mobile responsive AND easy for the Trinity Trojans football administrators and faculty to update themselves.

Mobile Responsive Design:

We build all of our websites to be mobile responsive. Not only did we redesign the website to better suit their needs but it will look good on all common mobile devices.

Easy to Update:

We build all of our websites on WordPress — a Content Management System — so their football team administrators don’t need to learn how to code in HTML in order to update the site.

Below is an image of their old website design.