10 Quick & Simple Tips You Can Do to Improve SEO

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When we think of SEO (search engine optimization), you want the very best options to be found online. Small business friends, you need to have great SEO for your website. So outside of hiring an SEO specialist what can you do to improve SEO? Here are my 10 quick and simple tips you can do to improve SEO.

Small Tweaks to Improve SEO

1. Install an SSL Certificate. The very first element you can improve to make your website found online is add an SSL certificate. SSL is that little green lock that you see on the top left corner of your browser. It tells Google and your browser that your site is secure when using https. For many of you, it’s just a simple as calling your hosting provider, paying a nominal fee and telling them that you want it installed on your site. Google tends to favor and rank higher websites with SSL than others.

2. Make Your Website Mobile Responsive. Your website absolutely, positively, without question, must be mobile responsive. If you currently have a website built in WordPress that is not mobile responsive, the easiest thing to do is to change the theme. For the rest of you, contact your web provider or contact us and will help you. According to Statista, more than 50% of all website views are on smartphone. Thus your website must be mobile responsive.

Let’s Talk Keywords and Layout

3. One Main Keyword Per Page. When considering SEO for your site, focus on one keyword per page at a time. Outside of your homepage, each additional page needs to deal with a singular idea–that idea we called the focus keyword or keyword phrase. The keyword phrase for this page is “improve SEO”.

4. One Title H1 Per Page. Every page in your website needs at least one title. Most websites call this title, an H1 title. It’s the main thing usually in the biggest print. If it was a newspaper, the title we are referring too, would be the headline. Every website page needs to have one, and only one, H1 on each page. You can have several H2s and lots of content, but you’re only allowed to have one H1 per page.

5. Website Speed is Key. Your website must load fast as loading speed is one of the most important elements that Google and other search engines consider in ranking. There are a number of ways to make your website lighter:

6. Well Named Images. All the images on your website need to be optimized for fast loading. This is important, but for SEO they need to be named well with keyword included. For example, your logo should not be called “logo.jpg,” it should be the named the name of your company, like this:

All the images must be appropriately named and tagged, otherwise, you miss out on additional indexing.

Great Content is King for Improved SEO

7. Great Content. The next four points are going to talk about, deal with content. SEO starts with very good content. Inform the viewer with the information they need to know, in enough details that explain your product or service easily. Your content must be meaningful, informative, useful and modern. Google is looking for websites with great content that help the external client make decisions about your products and services.

8. Consider Adding a Blog. Since we’re talking about content, one easy element to adding regular content is by providing a blog. A blog is a regular article added to your website. The most important tip regarding a blog, pick a frequency and stick to it. Many clients try to start with a daily pattern. This is an unreasonable frequency. Perhaps it makes sense to blog monthly or to weekly. Nevertheless, whatever frequency you start, you need to keep. Not doing so is a disservice to yourself and your clients at the service

9. Content Must be at Least 400 Words. As you write page content for your website, you must write at least 400 words per page. Furthermore, break up content with small paragraphs, a mix of images, frequent H2 titles, bullet points and list to make it easily readable.

10. Answer Common Questions & Definitions. Finally high ranking content tends to answer frequently asked questions about your product and services. Write concise and detailed information about these answers and Google will reward with higher search ranking.

There are many ways to improve SEO for your website. Considering these suggestions will greatly improve your ranking. For more information, consider hiring an SEO consultant or Contact Us, 817-247-6003 for assistance.

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