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Now Pinterest is Valuable for Website Backlinks

It has been 3 ½ years ago since I first introduced steps for Pinterest to Increase Business Interest. It is time to review the value of Pinterest for your blog or website. As we dive deep into this analysis I have some good news to tell you… Pinterest is valuable for website backlinks and traffic to your site


Trap Spam with BoxTrapper

As a 10 years as a web developer, one of the most difficult tasks I’ve seen my clients deal with is the issue of email spam. Spam emails are those annoying unsolicited messages you receive daily from all corners of the globe. Most are from senders who don’t know you who are trying to sell you Viagra or getting you to claim an inheritance from some royalty in South America or are fishing to trick you into providing your personal information.

voice blogging

Small business friends and clients, today I want to talk about a new product I’ve stumbled across that will help you with your blogging. The website is called SpeechTexter. What it does is it uses a component of Google Chrome, to allow you to type into a program like a notepad that transcribes what you say as you talk.

Double Your Business in 35 Days

Last month we focused on 2X Your Business in 35 Days with an aggressive online marketing campaign. We didn’t quite double our business during those 35 days, but we did achieve a 44% growth over July and we sketched out a marketing plan that is starting to work.

Double Your Business in 35 Days

For 2018, I have done ok running a solopreneur web design business, but I really have not taken it to the next level. There are lots of reasons for this, which I will address in the video below. Perhaps the most important is I have not aggressively focused on an online marketing campaign. The time is now, and I am ready to double my business (double your business). So here is my plan on “How to Double Your Business in 35 Days”. Feel free to cheer, copy this model for yourself or offer any suggestions.

Affiliate Marketing -

There’s nothing better than making money while you sleep and with affiliate marketing, you could make hundreds, if not thousands. The affiliate marketing industry is forecast to hit $6.8 billion by 2020, so if you’re looking to make some cash from your website, now is the time to seriously consider working with big brands and businesses. To maximize your earnings, your website design needs to draw people in and capture their attention with well-placed advertisements, links, and a unique design.

Website Redesign Services

Today we went out into the big world wide web and found a few content marketing tips that we can share with you. Ten Real Time Content Marketing Tips from Click2View One of the things that stood out to me [...]