Common Catchy Categories for Slick Searchable SEO

Common Catchy Categories by Fred Campos
I started a series called Five Free WordPress Tips for Slick Searchable SEO from which we are discussing easy tweaks you can do to your WordPress site or blog to make it found on search engines more efficiently. In this post, we will discuss common catchy categories for great SEO.

Like we discussed in Meaty Meaningful Metadata SEO, you will need to fill out in your category all the Titles, Slugs, Descriptions and Keywords including all the field in the Yoast SEO tool. Many bloggers do a fairly good job on SEOing their post, but fail to do the same good work on their categories.

Common Catchy Categories

Tips for Common Catchy Categories for Slick Searchable SEO

It is important that you organize your posts into catchy categories that are logical and meaningful. Gone are the days of short one word categories like “writing,” “life,” or “tips.”

  • Categories should be 2-5 words long, catchy, and purposeful.
  • Make sure your category names match the associated permalinks.
  • Do not create a category until you have at least five post to fill it.
  • Your blog needs to have at least 5-10 categories but no more than 20.
  • Each post should be associated with one category, if you need more, use them as tags.

Organizing your post into categories and taking the time to SEO the category page. This effort improves your ranking in search engines. Small tweak bring you to great peaks and I want your website or blog to have slick searchable SEO!

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What tips do you have on your categories? What naming convention do you use?

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