Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Be on Facebook

Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Be on Facebook
When I was a kid I watched my parents flipped pages through the phonebook to find a plumber. Because everybody and anybody advertised there. As a 48 years old businessman, I would probably “Google” one on my iPhone (of course you should have a website that’s mobile responsive). Nevertheless, I have observed the generation coming after us instinctively open Facebook’s search bar to search. Stop the presses! (Okay, only some of you above a certain age will get that joke.) Yes, you read correctly! #1 Facebook is a SEARCH ENGINE too for your business. You probably keep up with your friend on Facebook but realize a certain segment of the population uses it like my parent’s phonebook.

Why Your Business Needs to Be on Facebook

#2 1.47 billion people use Facebook (as of 2nd quarter 2018) and it costs your business nothing but time to build a business fan page.

Now I could stop right here and end this conversation as that is enough evidence to convenience you that you need a Facebook business page business owners. But before I stop, go read Scott Ayres’ Top 10 Benefits of a Facebook Business Page.

#3 It’s Very Low Cost Marketing to Be on Facebook

In Scott’s article above he mentions the ability to actually market to a very, very, “Did I say very?” specific demographic for an extremely low cost. You, of course, cannot market to this demographic without having a business fan page, thus you have to be on Facebook. Here is a video from which I got a new client by spending no more than $10 by boosting a promotion on my business Facebook fan page. Watch it below…

So if you don’t have a Facebook business page go create one now. Here is Facebook’s explanation on creating one.

Now if you need a great website to go with that fan page, call me at 817-247-6003. Who know I just might throw in a new business Facebook page for free!

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