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One of the biggest important things for Google rankings among many things is a website speed. While it is true that no one really knows how Google decides to rank an article they do give us hints and they give them quite often. One of the things that they have told us flat-out is very important to them is website page load time. They even provided us with a free tool that helps us analyze our site.

Afraid of eMail Marketing

Growing an email list doesn’t have to be overly complicated. I get it. It is a frightening proposition at first. Too many business owners it sounds, and as a result, they back burner the project. Today this post will take the fear of list building. To build a list effectively, you need just a few tools: A Website, an email marketing tool, and an email sign up form.

Responsive Design - DFW Website Designers

Hi all! This is Renee’ and i just wanted to share a few things that I have learned lately. In the past two weeks I have gone to two different digital based conferences. I will keep this newsletter update brief but I do want to share some thoughts and challenges about Responsive Design that I got out of the conference.

Actionable Marketing Tips: When developing your video strategy, think about where your customers are in the sales process (their “customer journey”) and then create several videos that align with the different stages: For brand awareness, you should have a video [...]


In this short blog post, I am going to challenge you to sit back and spend some time thinking about your website. We often end up cluttering our websites up with lots of information, I understand because I too am [...]

Once you have a website and you have social media, you make think that the job is done but it is not. There is still so much more that can be done to promote your business. The good news is [...]

In today’s newsletter we just wanted to provide three quick and actionable SEO tips that you can implement on your Website or Blog today. Before we get to the tips let us give a quick and simple explanation of what [...]

Website Redesign Services

Today we went out into the big world wide web and found a few content marketing tips that we can share with you. Ten Real Time Content Marketing Tips from Click2View One of the things that stood out to me [...]

Improve your bounce rate

If you are working a web page do not publish it before it is ready. We were recently doing SEO analysis on one of our client blogs, Super Parent Mom , and found an interesting scenario with page drop off. She had created [...]


In the article 6 Costly SEO Link Building Mistakes You Should Avoid they discuss the importance of link building and what mistakes to avoid. Before I get into my thoughts on their blog post I would like to provide a definition [...]