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$497 Website Summer Special

Since we at DFW Website Designers provide a vertical trust approach, which means we don’t charge extra for logo design, custom images, stock photos, or even SEO, we now offer this very simple pricing plan. The initial core cost is $597, and then we will charge $125 for every page thereafter. Blog posts, eCommerce products, SEO city pages, they will all count as a single page.

60 Stats and Trends that Will Define the Future of ECommerce

With more and more of our clients starting or adding eCommerce to their websites, I thought I would share Laurice Wardini’s great article and infographic from on the 60 Stats & Trends that Will Define the Future of eCommerce. Enjoy!

$497 Website Summer Special

Winter 2018 Website Special

With Thanksgiving behind us, it is time to focus on a winter 2018 website special. DFW Website Designers is pleased to offer a fantastic deal of $597 for a landing page, or turn it into a website by adding $125/page. Simple math, simple to figure out. We only charge for the unique pages needed.

$497 Website Summer Special

Now it’s been a decade since Walmart workers got hurt during a Black Friday trampling, and many years since I wrote my post on “Seven Tips to Not Die as You Black Friday Shop”, the practice has now become tame. But the sales have moved online and have become just as good as ever.

Double Your Business in 35 Days

Last month we focused on 2X Your Business in 35 Days with an aggressive online marketing campaign. We didn’t quite double our business during those 35 days, but we did achieve a 44% growth over July and we sketched out a marketing plan that is starting to work.

Three Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Be on Facebook

When I was a kid I watched my parents flipped pages through the phonebook to find a plumber. Because everybody and anybody advertised there. As a 48 years old businessman, I would probably “Google” one on my iPhone (of course you should have a website that’s mobile responsive).

Double Your Business in 35 Days

For 2018, I have done ok running a solopreneur web design business, but I really have not taken it to the next level. There are lots of reasons for this, which I will address in the video below. Perhaps the most important is I have not aggressively focused on an online marketing campaign. The time is now, and I am ready to double my business (double your business). So here is my plan on “How to Double Your Business in 35 Days”. Feel free to cheer, copy this model for yourself or offer any suggestions.

$497 Website Summer Special

ow that my father/son sale has ended, I do want to promote our new summer special way of doing website pricing, through a Summer 2018 Website sale that will run through August 31, 2018. As a web developer offering turnkey [...]

Father Son July 2018 Trip

Hold on to your hat. For the first 16 days in July of 2018, we will offer one complete website, turnkey for $400. 16 very lucky businesses can have a new or redesigned website completed in 24 hours. Read this article for details. This offer has a few restrictions.

Like your business vehicles, your site is a huge part of your business image. Of course you want your site known across your industry. Thus redesigning your site could be a sales growth opportunity for your organization. That said, “How exactly do we do that?” Well it’s time to study the hidden truth on website redesign.