SEO Web Design Services

SEO Web Design Services

We tackle website design from the perspective of “How will this enhance SEO?” and “How will this work with Social?” We see design as more than pretty pictures. For us design is also about what you can not see. It is our goal to work with you to produce the most well rounded website possible.

It’s All about WordPress

It starts with the best CMS platform on the market. We build all of our websites on this platform because not only is it user friendly in the end but there are more plug-ins than you can imagine. Even if you start with a small basic website, you can easily extend it into something much more dynamic. Also, there are a lot of smart SEO folks out there that have created great SEO Tools that are free or cheap for you to use.

Where Would You be Without a Great Theme?

We believe in using great products and that is why we always put a great SEO friendly theme on top of WordPress and go from there. A well done theme is like a really nice suit. If it is built well it will just make everyone look better. This is why we build the bulk of our websites using only the best themes on the market.

 Sitemaps, Navigation, Images..oh My

It is critical that your website have updated sitemaps that talk to Google.  We will install a WordPress Plug-in that will help your website talk to Google better. All that you will need is to set up an analytics account to make it all work.

Navigation is not just a way for people to find your pages but it is the map to your website. We will prompt you to really think out your websites navigation in advance because how you structure things now will effect how well your SEO does later. We will provide you with some tips and ideas around the idea of a Silo navigation system.

Images not only make a website more appealing but they too can serve a great purpose for SEO. You want to make sure that you are naming your images appropriately and that way they are doing double duty efforts for you.

When we get started on your project we will dive into these issues and many more. Please contact us by using whatever method below that you prefer.

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