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DFW Simple Website – “Basic-Design” SEO Package

You have no website but want a DFW simple website design that has no more than five pages. You have more to say than a single landing page, but not as complicated as a re-build or new-design. Nevertheless, it still needs to be professional enough to be found online or through a Google search. You provide a bit of information, we’ll register your domain, host and SEO based on a few keywords.

Our DFW Simple Website – Basic-Design SEO Package

For this price, you only have to provide us with an About Us information and your Services. We are in complete design control. Answer a few questions from a pre-install questionnaire and we’ll do the rest.

  1. What is the url and/or name of your existing website and phone number?
  2. Write a paragraph about your business.
  3. Tell us a little bit about your products and services.
  4. How do you want clients to contact you?
  5. Tell us your main purpose of your website.
  6. Give me 4 keywords or phrases you want this new landing page found under in Google.

With the DFW Simple Website Package We will…

  • We’ll select and manage a URL to match your key word search.
  • Next, we will do market research on your business and Google keywords based on the 4 keywords phrases you gave us.
  • We will host your site. Part of the $20.97/mo ongoing fee helps cover this cost.
  • Our specialist will build a HTML or wordpress site to match a layout fitting for your business with your color scheme and logo if you have one.
  • We will build out a mobile responsive and SEO all elements of content and images.
  • We’ll build a Home, About, Services, and Contact page for your simple website.
  • We’ll connect your social media, provide associated images and a front page rotator.
  • Our SEO guru will SEO and submit the landing pages to search engines.
  • Finally, we will perform appropriate marketing to get your new simple website found under one of the keyword phrases within 60 days.
  • Quarterly will will provide reports showing your simple website’s ranking on Google.
  • We will continue monthly to SEO the site for as long as you are current on the $20.97.
  • If the monthly payment is missed and not corrected within 31 days, the site will be deleted or re-appropriated.

How to Get Started on a DFW Simple Website – “Basic Design” SEO Package

Glad you asked! Click the button below to make your payment, give us your URL, telephone and search keywords, and we’ll email you back a pre-install questionnaire. Once you return your questionnaire to us, we’ll arrange a 20 minute follow-up call then design your website.

Simple Design Details

We will build your simple website within 5-7 days of receiving your information. At this price there is no onsite consulting or design accepted from the client.

Least amount of time. Least amount of price. Quickest way to be found online!