Fred Campos

Like your business vehicles, your site is a huge part of your business image. Of course you want your site known across your industry. Thus redesigning your site could be a sales growth opportunity for your organization. That said, “How exactly do we do that?” Well it’s time to study the hidden truth on website redesign.

In finding a great web company, it is necessary to get those who are experienced in website designing. Employing the right website redesign team is definitely the first step. Although anyone can redesign your site, not all web design companies specialize in doing so. It’s important to ensure that you employ the best people to completely change your website.

At DFW Website Designers we have the privilege of designing great websites. This week, I want to highlight a giant eCommerce website that went live, and three WordPress plugins that really MADE a difference.

Getting Divorced with Kids by

Websites today are looking for a clean way to display information in an organized way that works on any mobile devices. One of the most popular formats is a mobile responsive Wordpress widgetized footers. I copy this model and created four easy to use boxes for the footer.

have started a new goal/game for myself here in 2016. In addition, to custom building websites for clients here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I am going to attempt to custom build 100 SEO websites for attorneys to sell at [...]

Common Catchy Categories by Fred Campos

With blogging, it is important that you organize your posts into catchy categories that are logical and meaningful. Gone are the days of short one word categories like “writing,” “life,” or “tips.” Categories should be 2-5 words long, catchy, and purposeful.

To Pop-Up or NOT to Pop-Up, That is the Question

According to Hannah Alvarez of of UserTesting, “Pop-Up Ads” are the most hated user experience online and apparently Hillary Clinton doesn’t know this. Because the first thing you see when you go to her websites is…a pop-up.

How to Make Your Website a Better House of Cards

There are many element that make up a great website, blog, or landing page. Sometimes the smallest tweak take us to the highest peaks. You need a site that works your business. After all, it’s what Frank Underwood would recommend. “American Works” through real websites, for real business, not just those playing a house of cards!

Meaty Meaningful Metadata for Slick Searchable SEO

In my post, Five Free Wordpress Tips for Slick Searchable SEO we started the discussion of easy tweaks you could do to your Wordpress site or blog to make it found on search engines more efficiently. In this post, we will discuss the Yoast plugin and how to create meaty meaningful metadata for slick searchable SEO!

Pinterest Increases Business Interest by

Being a web developer, it is important for me to study the daily analytics of most of my clients. One of the easiest pieces of social media, that increases traffic probably more than any other, is Pinterest. Before I give you simple steps for Pinterest to increase business interest, let me explain the impact.